This is (not) the end….


In one week from now I will leave New Zealand… If someone had told me that I will spend almost one year in New Zealand, far away from my home, my daily routine, my friends… I’m pretty sure that I won’t believe it…
But I did it ! When I left France I was excited by this trip and in the same time I was a little bit afraid. During the first weeks I was wondering myself : Why ? Why did I do that ? But in my deep mind I knew, and I always knew, I wanted to go far away from everything, to discover something new and different, and to meet new people that I probably never met in France. So I can say that I’m glad because I did it…

I lived on the other side of the world for one year and I made heaps of stuffs like :

– I flew 35h to get there

– I went to one All Blacks game in New Zealand… 🙂

– I drove on the left side of the road, believe it or not I was afraid because I hadn’t driven in a long time…

– I got used to the kiwi’s way of life : relax, unbend and easy going

– I felt my first earthquake (6 on Richter ladder)

– I met a lot of awesome people !

– I saw so many different landscapes in one year that I haven’t seen anywhere else

– I was nomadic and lived in my suitcase for a long time…

– I found a job that I never did before

– I lived in a shared house with english speakers

– I was a member of Les Mills and at the same time I was really motivated to go there… (on Sunday morning and went to the market after) And if you know me it’s not really my type…

And I will miss a lot of things, in this wonderful country like : all my friends that I met here even if some of them are already in France or in Canada, the landscapes, the people, kiwi’s sense of humour and accent, Les Mills, brunches, all the bars in Wellington, the fact that I’m far away from everything and everyone and at the same time close to them,  the coffees, the summer in December, the « chit chats » and the Cadbury (from here because in Uk it’s not the same).

But I’m definitely not gonna miss stuff like the really expensive food, sandflies, housekeeping job, the kiwi ‘s fashion, the buses (always running late)…

Basically, I think that I’m really gonna miss this country but there is another adventure awaiting me and some of you already know but it’s official I will be in Canada before the end of the year 2015 🙂

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