A trip to Montreal


You might be know (or not) but I’m still a sales associate at Gap, and January and February are really quiet for stores… So because they do less money I have less hours so a lot of time to do nothing but also to visit a little bit the Canada 🙂

For the moment I decided to go to Montreal but next weekend I will go to Québec and at the end of the month to New York 🙂

So here I am after 6 hours of bus… (it’s cheap but long…) In Montreal the city which welcomed me 3 years ago for couple days before a road trip ! The city looks smaller than Toronto but in the mean time, there is like a village mood and a little bit cosy too… On the Saturday  we’ve been for a brunch and we realized that it was cooler than Toronto… I was wearing tights under my pants but I was cold ! So the girls went to do ice skating and I played a little bit in the snow 🙂 I was so glad to see so much snow ! (yeah I know i’m 28 but acting like 12) 🙂

And after it was the time to get ready for the Igloofest !!! An electro festival in the snow ! I heard a lot about it and during my stay in Canada i really wanted to go 🙂 But we didn’t realize that it will be -25°C during the night… And I was already cold with just my tights under my pants so a friend of Annabelle lent us snow pants 🙂 And here we go ! And I really liked it ! So much fun !!!

Montréal 22-24/01/16 / Google Photos

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  1. geneviève dit : Répondre

    bravo !!!!

    j’ai transmis à plein de monde …..

  2. Ophelie dit : Répondre

    Ah ça change de l’hiver breton 😉

  3. Annabelle dit : Répondre

    Haaaaa mais j’avais pas vu l’article, hihihi trop bien!
    Vivement le prochain weekend 🙂

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