Couple days in Quebec city


Earlier in February, we decided to go to Quebec City for the carnival of Quebec 🙂 And after Montreal we thought that we were prepared for the real canadian winter… Ahahah but nooooo !! There was snow everywhere but not the couples inches like in Toronto, no no something we even can’t see the curb! Lucky for us we had our snow boots… So the saturday morning we decided to go for a breakfast in the old Quebec. And we found THE bakery! So we thought that we were in Quebec, french speaking city, who said french might be said french pastries…. And because it’s been a long time and because we are (very) guzzler we ordered 3 pastries each… And no, we were not shamed… And to be honest I was glad, I missed it so much!

After that, we needed to eliminate some calories… so we walked to the Chateau de Frontenac, which is not really a castle but a huge hotel (don’t tell that I said that…). And we walked under the snow on the desk… And it was weird because last I saw it it was really hot!

Then we’ve been to the Carnaval! So to explain it a little bit, the Carnaval of Quebec is a huge thing there!The most famous attractions of this winter festival are the night-time and daytime parades led by mascot Bonhomme Carnaval. The parades wind through the upper city, decorated for the occasion with lights and ice sculptures. And basically it’s about games in the snow so there was: ice sculptures, dog-sledding, ice palace, ferris wheel, ice hockey… A lot to do! And we did a lot too! We did sledging on ice, gliding with buoy on the snow and because we get cold we played floor hockey (such a cliche!) but after literally sweating in our coats we really warm…

The day after, we started by an healty breakfast of pancakes and sausage generously offer by an association of rodeo as part of the carnival. And we walked to the Castle again and then the huge park of the « Plaines d’Abraham » and we played in the snow… Like children… 🙂

We also watched an ice canoe race on the St Laurent! So before the transit ferry people from Quebec crossed the St Laurent on small boats and on the ice, so they get one leg in the boat and the other on the ice or even in the frozen water… It was really impressive and intense!

To sum it a little we spend a week-end in the real canadian weather (for us it was the real one), playing in the snow, eating a lot and having a lot of fun and also veery cold 🙂

PS: click on the picture bellow to see the photos 🙂

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