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Since I arrived in Toronto I just want to go to the Aquarium 8 Why ? Well, just because I like to see different kind of fishes 🙂 And last that I was here, he wasn’t built so I really wanted to confirm by myself why most of the people that I met said about it. 

He located next to the CN tower and it’s cheaper to go there after 7 pm. So we started with a tropical pool with a lot of tiny rainbow colors fishes, then come the turtles, lobsters (pretty huge…), piranhas, anemones, jellyfhishes… And after, I think it was the best part of the aquarium, the sharks and rays tunnel ! Just go on the rolling rug and admire ! Of course we were so excited about it that we didn’t follow the rug… So imagine around 10 people with their faces up looking at the sharks like children… It was very funny because everybody was like:  » ohhhhh, wowwwww »…

I let you check out the pictures !

And sorry I change the extension layout so let me know if you can see them !

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  1. Ophelie dit : Répondre

    Tu voyais qqch au tunnel de requins? Parce que à paris on voit rien du tout. …

    1. Clemence dit : Répondre

      Oui oui c’était chouette !

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