Doors Open Toronto


This weekend was the Doors Open in Toronto, a free access to 150 buildings in Toronto marking Canada’s 150th birthday.

At this occasion a lot of buildings were open to the public, such as the Tunnel Vision, The Toronto City Hall… It’s like the « Journées du Patrimoine » in France.

We decided to visit couple of them: Masonic Temple, City TV news, The old Toronto City Hall, the Osgoode Hall and the Canada Life Building.

The Masonic Temple: it was build in 1917, it’s now a concert hall and also a place for offices. To be honest it was really odd… With the masonic’s architectural heritage rooms, there were offices without any window but with a slide…

The City Tv News: it’s on Dundas Square where we tried to be a forecast presenter… Unlucky me I was wearing a green teeshirt…

The Old Toronto City Hall: Decorate with marble from flooring to ceiling. We visited some courtrooms.

The Osgoode Hall: one of my favorite, this big house in the middle of downtown is the Court of Appeal for Ontario, the Superior Court of Justice and the Law Society of Upper Canada. It’s one of the oldest buildings in Toronto.

The Canada Life Building: It’s the first building of downtown Toronto. the main visit was to climb at the top floor for the view. Fun fact: there is a bathroom with one of the most wonderful view on the city.


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