Pride parade 2017


Everybody is different and the world is better!

Imagine if we are all the same, the world will be so boring! Here in Toronto, and in Canada, people are different and everybody tolerated it. Especially during this weekend even this month.

To be honest I don’t care if people are gay, because your relationship preferences doesn’t make you different, doesn’t make you smart or stupid. You like everybody, you get sick, you have to work and pay your bills. If people are happy it doesn’t matter 🙂

So on Saturday evening we had a Gap party and we needed to work our gift for the company: the Pride Gap tee-shirt 🙂 So we left the Dufferin Mall to go in the colourful neighbourhood of Church 🙂 Between pictures with gay pride sponsors and huge waiting time at the pizza pizza to use the washrooms 🙂 We had a lot of fun!!

On the Sunday we went to assist at the Pride Parade and I finally saw JUSTIN TRUDEAU!!! I was so excited, for the first time I saw a politician and my prime minister!

But to be fair, this parade was looking more as a sponsoring event and in the mean time it also shows that most of the popular companies are supporting the pride. So we saw Home Depot, Pfizer, Google, Facebook, Crest (popular toothpaste)…


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