Getaway to Prince Edward County

2 weekends ago, we decided to escape from the city (yes I know I’m a little bit late to write this article). I needed some fresh air and with some friends we decided to go in prince Edward county. It’s a 3h drive from Toronto and on the road there was a great attraction called the « big apple » a farm where they do a lot of stuff with apples, obviously. We stopped there with so much enthusiast, I was so excited to climb inside the « big apple », don’t ask me at this moment I was 10 years old… But on our road to go there, we met a duck with a leach and a dipper…. yes it’s true it was a domestic duck named Simon and he lives in an apartment.

Then we arrived at the airbnb and it wasn’t a real airbnb but more like a hostel, a creepy one, with one shower for 15 rooms and some smelly water… After a tough night, we went to visit some wineries and tried some wine but also some food… a sunny day far from the city with friends and wine it was perfect!

On the Sunday we decided to go at the beach to relax and to climb over the dunes at Sandbanks. So many people were enjoying the sun and the dunes, children made skids since the top of the dune, adults enjoyed barbecue and got tint before going back to their work routine.

Enjoy the pictures 🙂


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